Knaphill Methodism down the years

In 1865, objecting to cricket being played on a Sunday(!), local Christians started to hold open air services in the village. They sought help from Methodist Preachers from Guildford. They held a Sunday School in a barn that summer, and later in two pubs, the Anchor and the Royal Standard (later demolished).

In 1867 the first chapel was opened where the present church now stands. It was the first place of worship on top of the hill and the first Methodist Chapel in the whole Woking district.

By 1875 the church had opened a Day School (the first in the village) which was taken over by the Woking School Board in 1877.

Over the years the work of the Society, particularly amongst young people, grew and prospered. It’s not an exaggeration to say that for many the Church was not just a place of spiritual refreshment, but also the focus of social life, offering sporting opportunities, dances and excursions, and no doubt creating many marriages!

Over the years, with gradually rising living standards, more opportunities for travel, and the huge social changes witnessed over the last 100 years, the role of the church has had to adapt continuously, but it has always preserved its reputation of being a friendly, caring, and accepting community, with a strong commitment to service in the village. In recent years this was amply demonstrated through its engagement with the Kings House Coffee Shop which operated in the village for nearly twenty years as a joint project between many of the local churches.

From its origins the church has benefitted enormously from the sacrificial giving of many loyal and devoted members. Members have supported the cause both by gifts of money and by giving generously of their time. The prayers of the people have also been enormously important.

Enthusiastic singing has always been a key feature of Methodist worship. Our church continues that tradition with an active Worship Group which leads the music-making.

Services are held each Sunday morning at 10:00am. A Junior Church operates for children. Evening services are held periodically at 6:30pm. In addition house groups meet for fellowship during the week and every fortnight there is a meeting at church addressed by a speaker. 

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