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We are hoping the next issue will be out in July.  So if you have anything you would like to contribute please let our editor, Robin Spice, have it by Sunday 30 June.  Robin is happy to receive any item or article which you would like to have printed in the Magazine which might inform, entertain or give pause for thought and prayer.  Should it do all four of these so much the better!   He will accept it by email or hard copy (provided the writing is legible)!  If you want to chat about anything before you submit an item feel free to email Robin here.  

Autumn 2018:

KMC Magazine Autimn 2018

Summer 2018:

KMC Magazine Summer 2018

Winter 2017:

KMC Magazine Winter 2017

Summer 2017: 

KMC Magazine Summer 2017

Spring 2017:

KMC Magazine Spring 2017

Winter 2016:

KMC Magazine Winter 2016

Autumn 2016:

KMC Magazine Autumn 2016

Easter 2016: 

KMC Magazine Easter 2016

Winter 2015:

 KMC Magazine Winter 2015 - in COLOUR!

Autumn 2015:

 KMC Magazine Autumn 2015 - in COLOUR!

Easter 2015: 

KMC Magazine Easter 2015now in COLOUR!


KMC Magazine Christmas 2014




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